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Are Porsches Expensive To Maintain

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  • 05-07-2021
Are Porsches Expensive To Maintain

Have you ever wondered: Are Porsches expensive to maintain? Find out more about the costs involved in Porsche maintenance. We look at the typical annual costs of maintaining a Porsche and how often it should be serviced.

How Expensive are Porsches To Maintain?

The cost of maintaining your Porsche will depend on several factors. The first of which is who you choose to carry out the maintenance and servicing of the vehicle. Your local Porsche dealer's mechanics will have the technical expertise and experience to provide a high-quality service, but you can expect the repair costs to be equally high.

The price of your Porsche maintenance will also depend on which parts you choose to maintain your car with. Genuine Porsche parts are more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts, but they will last far longer and be better quality.

The final consideration affecting the price of your Porsche maintenance depends on any previous owners of the vehicle. If your car had had a rough life before you took ownership of it, you could expect to part with more money when caring for it. It is always best to buy from reputable dealers to get a complete picture of the vehicle's history.

The typical 5-year cost of a Porsche

Of course, the typical maintenance and repair costs of maintaining and repairing a Porsche will vary from model to model. In this way, there is no real "typical" 5-year cost. However, we will look at some different models to give you a general idea of what to expect.

718 Cayman

This is one of the cheaper Porsche models to buy when brand new, and it will cost you roughly £2,200 for repairs and around £6,000 for general maintenance over a 5-year period.

911 Turbo S

At the other end of the scale, we find the most expensive Porsche model to purchase when brand new. However, compared to what you will have to part with at the dealership, this model is the cheapest model to repair and maintain, costing around £2,200 to repair and £5,700 to maintain over five years.

911 Carrera

Here, we find one of the worst Porsche models, regarding 5-year maintenance and repair costs. This model will set you back over £100,000 when buying brand new and cost roughly £2,000 to repair and £7,800 to maintain over five years.

Should I Use Genuine Or Aftermarket Porsche Parts?

Porsche are a manufacturer renowned for the quality of their products. They place great importance on their research, testing, and development to ensure that their models can operate at peak performance in any environment. 

Porsche vehicles are built to withstand anything you can throw at them, from rigorous track testing in the hot summer to lazy commutes in the freezing winter.

Porsche models are tested up to 187,000 miles (300,000km) in all kinds of weather and test conditions, ensuring their durability is second to none. But the true greatness of a car is in the sum of its parts, with the smallest nuts and bolts being just as crucial to its success as the engine. Therefore, genuine parts created by Porsche themselves, having undergone their ruthless developments and testing, cannot be bested when looking for spare parts or undergoing repairs.

Porsche parts built to match your model of car will not only outlast similarly designed aftermarket parts, but they come with an extra two-year warranty from the manufacturer. So, on the rare occasions that their new parts fail, Porsche will replace them free of charge.

Regarding prices, while original Porsche parts will cost you, on average, around 10%-15% more than similarly designed alternatives, genuine parts will last far longer. Therefore, while shelling out on genuine Porsche parts may seem a costly choice, it is often the best in terms of longevity, and you are sure to get your money's worth.

Labour Cost Of Porsche Maintenance

Aside from parts, the next element of Porsche repair and maintenance is the labour cost needed to carry these out. Independent servicing businesses like ours offer rates that are far cheaper than those of dedicated Porsche agents. But regardless of how much you are paying for your repairs and maintenance, it is not at crucial as the time taken to perform these services.

Another testament to the design excellence of Porsche vehicles is that they are specifically designed to make servicing them quick and easy. Therefore, no matter who is carrying out the services, they should do it speedily. While most of this design came about through motorsports, where rapid maintenance on hot cars is essential, it was also fuelled by simple practicality and logic.

Independent servicing providers, such as ourselves, have also managed to cut down on maintenance times through vast experience over many years. Expertise and years of ingenuity passed down to all our technicians have helped shorten the time taken for each job we do, ultimately saving our customers time and money. Therefore, while Porsche services will never be dirt cheap, they can be great value for money when conducted by experienced professionals.

How Much Does Porsche 911 Servicing Cost?

Porsche 911 servicing is famously expensive. However, a simple comparison with standard family cars does not consider the nuances of caring for a high-performance vehicle. Cars such as these require technical expertise and training, dedicated specialist equipment and genuine, highly-developed parts. Therefore, you can see how owning exotic sports cars require expensive maintenance.

Basic comparisons also do not account for the fact that you are entirely free to shop around to find the best prices. 

In the same way that your local mechanic will beat a dedicated dealer's prices to maintain a standard Fiesta or Golf, a reputable Porsche specialist will also beat a Porsche agent's prices. Independent specialists can offer great deals on 911 servicing with no loss in expertise and attention to detail.

On average, for the servicing of different Porsche models, you can expect to pay anywhere between £340 - £530.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Porsche?

Given the breadth of repairs that Porsche owners may have to pay for, it is difficult to say what a repair might cost. 

Porsche owners often need common repairs, including oil and coolant leaks, which can cost anywhere between £150 - £650 depending on the severity of the problem. When in doubt, it is often best to contact your local Porsche specialist, who will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. 

More minor repairs that Porsche owners may need are far more manageable. Replacing spark plugs, gaskets or dealing with minor leaks are all within the capabilities of Porsche specialists and will only set you back a couple of hundred pounds. 

If you notice something wrong with your Porsche and suspect that it needs repairs or servicing, do not hesitate to take it to your local specialists.

Can any mechanic work on a Porsche, or do you need specialists?

Again a testament to the ingenuity of Porsche designers, almost any trained specialist will be able to work on a Porsche vehicle. 

Any experienced mechanic will be able to carry out routine, basic maintenance on their cars. Porsche owners may even choose to perform this maintenance themselves if they have the necessary skills and knowledge.

However, when it comes to more advanced services, such as issues with electronics or diagnostics, it is often best to have a trained and qualified professional take a look.

Are Porsches more expensive to maintain than similar cars?

The short answer to this is no. The maintenance costs compared to other sports cars, such as Ferraris or Lamborghinis, are much cheaper. 

For example, an oil change for either of these other cars can cost over £700, compared to just £300 for a Porsche. Beyond this, replacing genuine Porsche parts is also nominally cheaper when compared to their high-performance cousins.

As we have seen above a regular service and continued maintenance is important for keeping your sports car at peak performance. If you looking for Porsche servicing and diagnostics in the Maidstone and Kent areas we can help. 

Contact our sports car specialists today to discus your Porsche servicing and repair. Find out more about our sports car servicing by following the link below.