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How do we Service Cars?

Our highly trained technicians are fully qualified to perform servicing and repairs on many different brands and models of classic cars. We fully examine the car to identify any problems and use only genuine parts to handle any necessary repairs. Here is a list of jobs we do during servicing:

Changing of coolant and brake fluids

Checking the level of coolant and battery fluid

Fitting your tyres

Filter and renew engine oil

Renew the air filter

Full inspection of the steering wheel

Check the condition of the battery terminal

Inspection of the fuel system

Check the operation of the windscreen wipers

Inspection of the brake pads

Check all lights, including indicators, warning lights and brake lights

The position of each headlight

The vehicle's suspension

Inspection of the undercarriage

Check the gearbox and the clutch

Fully inspect all seatbelts

Replace spark plugs on the Ignition

Inspection of the exhaust system

Check the handbrake lever

Visual inspection for any leaks

We can also give you tips and advice on inspecting under the bonnet of your car, and when to change of checking anything. We have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to carry out any necessary repairs, and we will also take your vehicle to our maintenance garage for a cleaning makeover!

Our Workshops

Our extensive equipment means we are able to offer a wider range of services to ensure the maintenance and health of your vehicles are top quality. Members of our team are always on hand and prepared to give you any tips or advice to help you maintain your car. Whatever the model or brand of your vehicle, you must get it serviced regularly.

At our service centre, we use the latest equipment to thoroughly examine your vehicle, and find any minor problems and fix them before they start. This saves money, and also saves time, as if you have a breakdown, your vehicle could be taken off you for a long time whilst it's getting repaired. If you don't get your car serviced, and you get stopped by the police, there is a high chance that you could be driving a faulty vehicle, which is illegal.

Importance of servcing your car

If you want to keep your classic car running in tip-top condition, then servicing and maintenance are essential. This involves cleaning and identifying smaller problems, that may not be visible or noticeable.

Problems with your car can end up with you losing a large amount of money, which is why we are here to fix the problem before it gets worse. We also understand that most of you are on a budget, which is why our prices are extremely affordable.
Car servicing must be done by a trained and qualified technician, and here at Kent Sports Cars Servicing, we pride ourselves with having the latest technology, and hardworking experts to perform these jobs. You can't always tell when something is wrong with your vehicle, so book your servicing examination now!

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How often cars need to be serviced

We recommend your classic sports car should be serviced every 12 months, which is also the guidelines of most car manufacturing companies. However, this varies with different brands and models of cars, and the mileage you do.

It's important to get your car serviced regularly as problems can start to occur or develop at any time, so by taking it in every year, you are keeping on top of it.
There are many different uses of classic cars, for example, some people buy and collect them as a hobby, investment purposes, and others use them as their everyday car. However, we highly recommend you service your classic car more regularly, especially is you use it as your main car to drive around and travelling long distances. However, if you only use your classic sports car on special occasions, or just for show, then you won't need to get it serviced as much. Some car brands even have warning signs of letting them know that their car needs to be serviced, which definitely shouldn't be ignored. Each vehicle has many different requirements, and so does their owners.

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If you dont service your car

If you don't get your car serviced, then there is a high chance of legal implications. Driving a car that hasn't been serviced is dangerous for yourself, your passengers and other road users. This is due to the fact that your vehicle could have a problem that you haven't noticed yourself which could possibily develop over time.

Finding the problem early reduces the risk of breakdowns or larger problems occurring in the long run, causing a more expensive bill.
All cars must meet DVSA standards, which is why we have servicing and MOT tests, to reduce the risk of danger on our roads. Servicing your vehicle is also important because it ensures it is safe to drive on the road and doesn't go against DVSA standards. It will also keep your car running on the roads for longer, and make sure it runs smoothly for longer.
You are also more likely to fail your MOT, which can mean very costly bills, especially if you want to sell your car! Here at Maidstone Sports Cars Limited, we get the job done using DVSA standards guideline, so you can be rest assured.

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If you would like to find out any more information contact us today! A member of our team will always be happy to help, give you expert advice and support, book your servicing or MOT test, or give you a free estimate.

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