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There are three main steps to maintaining your vintage car. Firstly, ensure you clean the inside and outside of your vehicle and remove any dust or dirt from both sides to reduce paint chipping and rust. Using a soft rag to dry the residue soap is important to reduce the watermarks on the paintwork.

Adding modifications to your vintage car can reduce its value when selling later on.

Storing the vehicle in a place free from weather conditions and extreme temperatures will help. In addition, cleaning and waxing the vehicle before it goes into storage can help against corrosion. 

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Large repair bills can come if you don't service your classic car regularly, and these affect how long the vehicle will last overall. It is recommended you have your vehicle services every 12,000 miles or every year to keep it working efficiently. 

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Taking care of your classic car is important to keep it in running order. Choosing whether to store the vehicle in your home garage or a storage companies garage is up to you.  

Care and maintenance to ensure it is serviced and cleaned regularly to stop dust, dirt and old damage on the vehicle from getting worse and ending up with a large repair service. Handwashing your vehicle and drying it using a soft rag to stop watermarks on your car.

Driving your classic car every once in a while will help the car run smoothly over time and let you know if there are any major issues with it. 

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Whether you drive your car a lot or very little, having its services at least once a year is recommended. Having it serviced every 3,000 miles is also a safe number.

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Classic cars have been around longer and so need more attention than usual for their servicing. Therefore, it is recommended to have its services by a classic car specialist. 

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A few factors count towards whether the vehicle is expensive or not so much to maintain. When purchased, the cost of the car, the accessibility of the parts, and the age of the vehicle are essential factors that contribute to whether the car will be expensive to maintain. 

Driving the car once in a while is good for the vehicle's health, but driving too often can mean more wear and tear. 

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Older vehicles usually require more maintenance. With this, you should try to change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles or every 6-months, depending on which comes first. 

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A classic car can be used daily if you have bought it and is legal on the road. However, as they are older models, they are not as safe as the more modern versions. 

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Before 1997, the age for vehicles to be tax-exempt would be 25 years. However, this was changed in 1997 and cars built before 1974 are now the only ones tax-exempt.

Many car insurance companies will impose a limit of around 2,500 miles, but this is also flexible depending on the insurance company you sign with. So checking around the different companies to find the best price and conditions is usually a good option. 

Getting insurance coverage on your classic car can depend on the age of the vehicle and the value of the vehicle. It can also depend on whether you are planning on driving the car daily or not and whether you have proof of it being stored, cleaned and driven under a certain mileage. 

Although there are a few classic cars that are cheaper than modern cars to insure, many classic cars are more expensive. This is because the vehicle parts for the repairs are difficult to find and sometimes more costly than modern parts due to their rarity. 

There is no fixed price on fixing the damage on a car. The extent of the damage, including the cost for a respray, repairs or replacements, etc. These can each different cost prices depending on the extent of damage done.

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An Aston martin can easily cost you quite a lot without the repairs, but the amount of repairs needed depends on how much you drive your car and how well you drive.

Aston Martin cars do seem to last a while with little issues. However, that does not mean there will not be any issues that come up. 

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There are some drawbacks to the TVR, like the lack of safety features that other cars have. However, they are still reliable enough to use if done correctly and safely. 

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