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Here at Kent Sports Cars Servicing, our independent Porsche service and repair solutions are your premium choice when looking for Porsche servicing in Kent. 

Our trained technicians, who are all qualified Porsche specialists, will use the latest Porsche diagnostic equipment to ensure that your car receives the services and repairs required to keep it in pristine running condition. We can offer to service and repair any model of Porsche to keep your car in perfect shape for years to come in Kent and the surrounding areas.

We work hard to ensure that our customers receive the best service at the best price. Please contact us today, or visit our Kent-based team of trained specialists for more information.

We will be happy to talk you through the full range of services we have on offer, including:

Porsche Car Body Repairs

Electrical Diagnostics

Porsche Tyres

Cambelt Replacement

Oil Change

Brake Replacements

Porsche Engine Repairs

MOT Testing

Starter Motors

Porsche Turbo Repairs

Porsche Servicing

Air Conditioning

Suspension Repairs

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Common Porsche problems

There are a few common problems that Porsche car owners may experience with their vehicles. It can help you know what to expect regarding your cars' repairs when purchasing a new or used Porsche. Here are some of the most frequent problems the Porsche owners come across with their cars: 

Oil Leaks
One of the most common issues found in Porsche vehicles is oil leaks. This issue usually occurs at the rear main seal, and to repair the problem, you will need to take out the car's transmission. 

Clutch Pedal
Porsche owners, particularly with the 911 Turbo models, may also experience a heavy clutch. This issue is usually caused by the pressure accumulator, which maintains the hydraulic pressure required to operate the clutch when the car is stationary. If you find that your Porsche has a heavy clutch, this may suggest that the accumulator is open and pressure is being re-released into the system. A basic repair involves simply replacing this system. 

Low Battery Power
The next common problem experienced by Porsche owners is low battery power. Unlike more practical road cars, sporty model Porsches tend to be driven irregularly. This infrequency in operation can lead to their batteries becoming seriously drained or even completely flat.

 Compared to other manufacturers, this seems to be a specific problem affecting Porsches. It is often best to employ a battery maintainer when you are thinking of storing your Porsche for more than a fortnight to prevent this from happening. 

Are Porsches expensive to repair?

It may not be welcome news to find that Porsches are often the most expensive to maintain, service, and repair all luxury car brands. Their high-performance nature means that trained technicians and specialists must provide these repairs. 

While Porsches do not require as many repairs as, say, BMWs, even a basic oil change can set you back a few hundred pounds, meaning that Porsche maintenance and spare parts costs can quickly rack up over time.

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If you are looking for a Porsche servicing and repair specialist near you, look no further than Kent Sports Cars Servicing. Our trained technicians and Porsche specialists are your perfect choice for Porsche services and repairs in London, Kent and the surrounding areas. Contact us today or visit our workshop to arrange your Porsche servicing needs. 

If you have any queries or questions, any advice or would like a free quote, please get in touch with us today. You can get in touch by giving us a call or by sending us an email.

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If you would like to find out more information about independent Porsche repair and servicing in Maidstone, please visit contact us today. 

We also offer free estimates, and our friendly team are always on hand to help our customers. We can also give you expert advice, and provide our services at a very affordable cost.

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