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Should I Buy an Aston Martin

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  • 12-10-2021
Should I Buy an Aston Martin

Is it worth buying an Aston Martin? Find out more about the current Aston Martin market and reasons why an Aston Martin may be a good investment. 

Investing in an Aston Martin is a serious thing to consider but can prove worthwhile depending on your driving requirements. Keep reading whilst we assess the pros and cons of owning an Aston Martin.

Is It Worth Buying An Aston Martin?

Owning an Aston Martin is a desirable part of life that many can only dream of. Even when on sale, they can find themselves spending hundreds of thousands on these limited supercars. However, you have to consider their worth not only as a piece of notoriety but as a car. 

To accurately answer this question, you must decide if an Aston Martin can fulfil your driving needs, and to do that, you can begin assessing the different models.

Thankfully, the current Aston Martin Market leaves you with few decisions and models to assess. This British manufacturer has been historically known for making one car at a time and not flooding the market with its models. This only adds to the exclusive nature of the 'Aston Martin club' and why many drivers want to be a part of it.  

You should begin to picture what your ideal Aston Martin looks like and work your way to a model from that. Simply deciding what colour you'll want is a good start, as they can be model dependant. For example, a red will work well with the 80s V8 Vantage, but it may not work well on newer models. From there, your engine and transmission specifications should be considered, and you can begin to whittle your way through the models. 

Thankfully, the current Aston Martin Market leaves you with few decisions and models to assess. This British manufacturer has been historically known for making one car at a time and not flooding the market with its models. This only adds to the exclusive nature of the 'Aston Martin club' and why many drivers want to be a part of it. 

Is It Worth Buying An Aston Martin?

As of now, your range of choice varies from the DB11, DBS Superleggera, and the Vantage. Varying models will provide you with a different look, but each can give a driver that notoriety and recognition synonymous with Aston Martins. 

The grille and clamshell hood that elevates Aston Martin's above all else are still celebrated by drivers. The new Vantage is becoming a popular choice amongst Martin fans, as its 5.0litre AMG V8 engine can guarantee speed and efficiency, with a pleasurable driving experience. 

Of course, most of the appeal of Aston Martin is the history, and you may want to invest in an older model. Compared to the Vantage (which falls around £120,000), a classic model will be looking more around the £600,000 mark. They are made to age gracefully, though, so you can see why the price is as it is. 

They are expensive cars, however, and this can't be avoided. What you're buying is much more than a car, though, but you still need reassurance that the car can keep you going. Modern on-board systems and a reliable relationship with servicing facilities mean you're always going to be protected whilst driving. Aston Martin cares about their drivers and wants to provide them care from the garage onwards. 

This is important when you're forking out nearly the same amount you'd need for a house deposit on some models. Of course, the price can vary, and many do scoop up an Aston for as little as £20,000, as the DB7 can provide many first-time buyers with an excellent entry into the industry. The price of the car itself isn't all you need to consider, as Aston Martin repairs can also begin to rack up the price. 

Should I Buy A Used Aston Martin?

The sometimes expensive cost can deter some drivers from buying a new Aston Martin, and buying secondhand can alleviate that stress. You can still secure yourself a fantastic-looking, great-sounding sports car for cheaper and still count yourself as part of the elusive club. There's nothing wrong with that, as you need to make sure you can afford the car you buy.

When you buy a new model, you will lose money the second you drive it away from the dealers. Astons are known for their initial depreciation, as you can lose as much as £29,000 in the first three years just by driving. 

This is why many will invest in a car that has already passed this, as they won't lose any unnecessary value. This doesn't mean that a pre-owned Aston Martin won't lose any further value because it will continue to do so, but you have surpassed the worst part.

Of course, you need to ask yourself whether you're planning on reselling the car or if this is an investment that will last. The car itself will last, and if you're using it for regular commuting and driving, then you will find your Aston accompanying you throughout many years. Get yourself a warranty and keep on top of maintenance and service, and your car will last. 

If you're in the process of buying yourself a used Aston Martin, we recommend a pre-purchase inspection being conducted, as it can raise any concerns now before they become an expensive fix. 

Beyond this, any Aston Martin that are ten years or older can qualify for the Timeless Pre-Owned title, meaning that the history and mileage of the car will be researched, so you're protected before you make the purchase.  

You don't want an old car that wasn't cared for by the previous owner, and the mileage makes the car unattractive to any future buyer.


Aston Martin Optional Extras to Look For

If you've decided on a model and year, you can begin to experiment with the fun parts and the many additional extras that Aston Martin offers. Many drivers believe that if you're paying anywhere upward of £200,000, what's an extra £1-2k on some different individuality? 

Aside from accessories like luggage and key pouches, you could deck out your new motor with full interior leather seating and headlining. The Front and Rear Camera Kit is also popular due to its ease of installation. Cameras can be fitted to the rear and front bumper and direct a live feed to the interior display. 

Depending on the interior finish you want, you're able to customise to suit. A carbon fibre gearstick surrounding can be installed, giving off a sleek and modern look, or perhaps a walnut or mahogany satellite navigation finish; the choice is yours. 

Which Engine And Transmission Should I choose?

When comparing models, you may find yourself juggling the different engine models and sizes. If you could, it would be best to test drive each one until you find the car that best suits you, but that's not always possible. 

When comparing the DB11 and Vantage, your options are the V8 or V12 engines, and they can both provide different things. 


The DB11 V12 offers a 5.2litre engine with 600 horsepower, whereas the V8 offers a turbocharged 4.0litre with 503 horsepower, which is extremely respectable and much higher than what you'll already have been driving. 

Unless you're in the car industry and know your engines, the average driver won't notice the difference. The V12 has a top speed of 200mph, whereas the V8 has 187, both of which are speeds you'll never reach in everyday driving anyway. 

If you're more interested in the Vantage, then you've got the V8 with a 4.7litre and the 4.3litre older models. Both are notoriously known for being well built and reliable cars, and you can experiment further with a Sports edition, maker the vehicle lighter and smoother.  

There are many options to look out for, and you can begin to start constructing the best Aston Martin for you before you even visit the dealership. After all, the best car for you will be the one that suits your needs the best.

If you want to find out more about Aston Martin servicing in Maidstone and Kent get in touch today. 

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