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How Do You Take Care Of A Classic Car

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  • 28-04-2020
How Do You Take Care Of A Classic Car

Storing your Classic Car

There are several reasons why you might want to store your classic car. It might be that the Winter months are approaching or that you are just not going to be using your Classic car for a while. You can choose to store your Classic car at home in a garage, or you can use a reputable company that offer complete car storage solutions. If storing your car at home is your choice, you must make sure that your facilities are suitable.

Before you store your classic car, some things are vital to do beforehand; this is because significant deterioration can occur during storage. Always Prepare your vehicle correctly before storage is best practice and will save you from any added expenses in costly repairs when you take it out of storage.

Your Car's condition before storage

They must be clean, dry and damp-free before parking your vehicle, as any moisture in the air could cause corrosion or mould.

You will need to make sure your car is completely free from dirt, salt and moisture. Give your car a thoroughly good clean, inside and out, wax and polish the bodywork, change the oil, filter and coolant, charge the battery.

Protecting Terminals

Coating any terminals with petroleum jelly will help protect them from corroding or from seizing.

outdoor storage

Cars left outside, however, are virtually impossible to protect from the elements. Temperature and humidity changes can cause condensation, while wind can cause the cover to rub - so make sure you wrap your car tightly in outdoor protection.

A purpose-made cover is always best. You should never use polythene or tarpaulin; these materials will not allow your car to breathe.

indoor storage

If you are storing your classic car at home, it is best to store it in either a wooden or brick-built facility. To protect your investment check that all locks are secure on your storage facility.

Concrete garages can sweat in cold conditions. You can rectify this by covering your vehicle in a tent and letting fans circulate the air. However, you should turn them on once a week.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are crucial for a classic car. It will enable your car to keep running for many more years, regardless of its age:


You must keep your vehicle clean and free from dirt and dust.

After every drive, it is essential to hose down the undercarriage of your car; this is where salt and road dirt can cause corrosion of untreated metal surfaces.

Wax and clean your car regularly, especially before you go on journeys, this will help protect your classic car from the elements, reapplying wax every few months will also protect your car from dirt and the weather.

necessary checks by you

Carry out necessary checks on your classic vehicle before each drive, check the tyre pressures, oil, coolant, battery levels and other fluids.

Take your classic car for regular runs; it will help prevent all parts free from seizing and the engine running correctly.

The only noise you should hear is the sound of your engine if you pump your breaks every time you can or feel the need to do so. One thing you never want to hear is the squealing of your brakes.


Have your classic car serviced regularly. Most vintage car owners have a vast knowledge of how to maintain and care for their vehicles; however, get a regular service by a qualified mechanic is vital. It will give you peace of mind that anything you might have overlooked will be repaired or adjusted.

If the car is MOT exempt, then it is essential to check the tyres, suspension, brakes and steering.

keeping it original

Keep your car as original as possible to maintain its value. While modern fixtures and upgrades are considered acceptable, you should always keep your classic cars original parts. If you decide to sell your car, it will give the next enthusiast the chance to convert the car back to its original state.

Washing a Classic Cars

If you own a classic car, you will want to keep it in pristine condition all year round. Unlike a regular car, classic cars need to be washed and cleaned with precision. Don't take your car anywhere near a regular machine car wash. The fibres on the machines will damage your paintwork, so only ever handwash your classic car.

before you get started

Try to wash your car in the shade, avoid cleaning your car in the sun, it could make the soap evaporate quickly, leaving streaks and spots on the paint.

Protect your tyres from early signs of ageing and tire degradation, apply a reputable tyre conditioner after cleaning them after they have dried completely.

cleaning tools

If you use the wrong tools or products on a classic car, you could potentially damage the delicate paintwork and end up with expensive bills to put it right.

You should have sheepskin or cotton chenille washing mitts or towels to wash the exterior of the car; their soft, high-quality material will not leave any marks on the surface.

cleaning products

It is important to choose the correct cleaning product for classic car paintwork, washing up liquids contain salts; moreover, they contain detergents that are great for cleaning but will also remove the protective polish.

The soap and water will clean your car; however, even after rinsing the salts will set to work and start eating away at your vehicle.


After washing your classic car, you will need a soft leather chamois or a soft microfiber towel to dry off your vehicle, don't be tempted to use a regular towel or cloth, these can easily scratch the paintwork of your car.

To keep any chrome parts on your classic car, always use high-quality chrome polish to make sure they stay in top shape and condition.

Regular Driving

Owners should enjoy driving their classic cars, use it at least once a month; however, you must pick the right time. How many times you decide to take your classic car out for a spin, depends on you, the owner. Driving a classic car daily isn't the most maintenance-free thing to do It is always better not to take your car out in inclement weather.

Take your car out on a frosty, winter's day, and you risk destroying your premium paintwork with the salt from the road; take it out during a wet, dreary day, and there's the potential of a rust problem.

It is vital to make sure that after every drive, you hose down the undercarriage of your car; this is where salt and road dirt can cause corrosion of untreated metal surfaces.

Cleaning and waxing your classic car before and after journeys is vital; it will keep your car in good condition.

What damages cars are sitting still: if they are not used all of those seals and rubber components dry up and then oil leaks can appear.

Storage solutions

Located discreetly in the Kent countryside, Kent Sports Cars Servicing provide vehicle storage solutions for the sports car owner. Our all-inclusive pricing structure ensures that your car is stored and maintained in optimum condition. Included in our storage package, you receive:

Vehicle hand wash, leathered

dried and interior vacuumed

Car put into our secure storage facility under a cover

Connected to 12V battery conditioner

Monthly run up to normal temperatures.

When it comes to classic cars, the experience is priceless. Maidstone Sports Cars provides routine sports car servicing, maintenance and repairs for all classic sports cars. Our expert technicians are well versed in the common issues of these marques, enabling them not only to locate but also resolve issues quickly and effectively. If you require any information or advice regarding our services contact us:

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